A professional work order management: all that you need to know about

What is work order?

work order is a maintenance request. Simply, the work order form could be on a piece of paper or a digital form that the requester must fill out and submit to begin the work order process, then there will be some steps in which work orders are received and completed.
Work orders are a cornerstone tool in an organized maintenance system.
For any type of business if the work order is being well, then it will support more efficient and functional facility management.

A professional work order management: all that you need to know about beXel Inspection Software

What is work order management?

Work order management can be defined as the proper and timely processing of work orders.
It is not an easy process and sometimes a complex process, so that would take countless hours and reams of paper if done by hand. 
We could describe it as the systematic approach of processing and completing maintenance work orders promptly to minimize asset downtime. 
Work order completion depends on the availability of other maintenance resources such as assets, parts, people, and money.
The goal form work order management is to service customers efficiently and create sustainable growth.
We could say that work order management works as providing a computerized maintenance management system.

bexel provides your company with proper Job management that’s tailored to your operations inspection cycle, to know about the different modules that have been launched by beXel you could read this article.

“The global work order management systems market was valued at USD 358.2 million in 2017, and is expected to reach USD 694.6 million by 2023, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 10.9% during the forecast period.”
According to
marketsandmarket website

Work order management software:

It has innovative tools that improve the process and enhance work efficiency.
Some of the tools that accompany these work order software solutions include smart scheduling assistants, parts and inventory management, mobile apps that allow for updates from any location, detailed work order histories, product databases, and more.

A professional work order management: all that you need to know about beXel Inspection Software

In other meaning, work order management software supports managers to effectively track and manage all work order information through a single dashboard.
With a centralized place to create service requests, monitor real-time status updates, track completion, and leave feedback on work performed, location managers can easily manage work orders across a multi-location enterprise. 

Order management software is a comprehensive and well-designed work order management system, that makes it simple to manage the entire work order process.
Instead of having employees manually submit service requests, work order management software automates much of the process: With only a few clicks, a work order can be entered, approved, and dispatched to a contractor.

How does beXel support the job order management module with innovative ideas?

beXel simplifies the job of work order planning and assignment, based on all criteria including resource availability, part availability, tool availability, and ordering if needed and safety and plant/equipment shut down requirements.
beXel allows for future planning of scheduled work so that parts are in stock when needed and craft and resource planning take place in advance as time for each job step can be estimated.
With beXel job order management module you could do the following process:

  1. Create detailed job steps, it has been divided into three parts.
  2. Print job order, there is a possibility of Export Job Orders to Excel or PDF Formats, Search, Filter and Export job orders to different formats (PDF, Excel, CSV).
  3. Track job order status.
  4. Timesheet logging.
  5. Track timesheet status.
  6. Track team activities: Keep track of your team utilization and plan the jobs efficiently using beXel neat calendar view feature.
  7. Life signature support; Ask for live signature approval directly from your smart device.

This module does not only save time and money, it improves equipment uptime and safety.

Key Benefits of beXel Work Order Management module:

1- Automate Recurring Tasks
Use job order management to avoid emergency breakdowns and costly asset replacements.
Better yet, save time with automated planned system scheduling based on recorded asset requirements.  

2- Decrease Costs
Reduce total maintenance spend by hiring experienced persons at the appropriate price point for the job, to minimize overall time-to-completion for each task, and avoiding invoicing errors with electronic payments.   

3- Increase Performance
Improve service provider and performance by providing any relevant information about the asset directly within the work order management platform. 

4- Boost Efficiency
Improve operating and administrative efficiencies by digitizing your work order management program.
Eliminate wasted time sorting, prioritizing, and submitting manual invoices for approval.

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