Farinas professional marketing strategy add a new success to beXel

Farinas professional marketing strategy added a new success to beXel

On Jan. 2021, we hold some valuable meetings with beXel Company to determine our fields of cooperation.
We agreed to start with a marketing strategy and based on it, we will design the next phase of marketing activities.
We are proud to announce the closing of the first phase of our cooperation, currently we started the second phase of the collaboration, hope to achieved the required goals in a way will be accepted from Farinas and exceed beXel expectation.

About beXel company

Within a short period of its establishment, beXel was able to compete strongly and become on the top of companies list that provide the same service.
beXel has a pioneer role to provide many modules to the client such as (Drops Inspection, Job order management, Lifting Inspection, NDT inspection, Tubular Inspection, Desktop Offline App).

beXel has some other features make it unique than others such as (Audit Log; client could keep track of all inspectors’ actions on the system. 
beXel can log all users’ actions to facilitate the process for the client to know what he did and when he did it, QR validation; With QR Code validation, client do not have to worry about certificate verification & validation.).

beXel eager to participate in conferences and main events, where beXel was present at the second, high-level, regional conference; the LEEA Lifting & Rigging Conference Middle East in Dubai, 14-15 December 2015.

In Cairo, Egypt (April 30, 2018) — In an effort to help automate the inspection cycles of many oil and gas company, beXel took part in the 2018 Research & Development Petroleum Conference and Exhibition (RDPETRO) event in Abu Dhabi.

Moreover, beXel succeeded to provide the solutions for its clients such as (improve revenue and business growth, audit proof and compliance, certificate Validation, customer experiences, efficiency and transparency, operational cost saving).

Farinas professional marketing strategy add a new success to beXel beXel Inspection Software

Farinas Marketing Services is a digital marketing and research firm founded in 2016 to provide clients with the required services in digital marketing, market research, advertising, web development, social media, SEO, and b2b lead generation, marketing consultations.
We believe in the notion that solutions driven by data can not only benefit large businesses, but small and medium sized enterprises as well.

The secret that distinguishes us from other companies located at the local or regional level is that we do not discard the concept of traditional marketing, but we also support the offline marketing capabilities to facilitate the process.
Moreover, our unique value proposition of delivering with Integrity, Innovation, and Dedication, qualified us to has carved a niche for through the research based innovations and recusant methods, helping businesses of all sizes to achieve their goals.

The dedication and business acumen that Farinas Marketing Services has manifested throughout the years has won the trust of many clients from different industrial sectors worldwide such as ALOIS and Tiba, and others.

beXel succeeded to provide solutions for the problems of its customers on the local level  and global level and gain the trust of them.
However, beXel Company has the potential to expand its brand in Gulf area.
Through the cooperation with Farinas marketing services as a marketing partner to support its goals with marketing strategy.

beXel targets oil companies in Saudi Arabia country, where they need the services of beXel to solve their problems.
As a business, it is essential to have a working knowledge of any endeavor before investing into it.
Farinas gathered all the available info about the oil companies’ file in KSA that help beXel that helps to compete in KSA.
Besides, providing beXel with the opportunities in the oil market, the challenges in the market.

We designed marketing strategy for beXel, according to the market study.
Moreover, we discussed the upcoming milestones to execute the marketing activities to reach bexel’s goals.  

It was a very successful cooperation that we hope to go to the next level of partnership.

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