Drops inspection

Drops Object Module has all the pre-defined data set for drop downs and inspection prompts/checklists for the items and can be managed through the web control panel by Technical/QA team. DROPS Inspection System by beXel allow you to inspect all objective that can drop in a rig that can drop and cause accidents.

Job Order Management

bexel provides you with proper Job management that’s tailored to your operations cycle. beXel allow you to manage all the jobs order of your inspection company plus managing the team of inspector in the most efficient way. You are one step away from digitalization in the TIC market.

Lifting Inspection

beXel is designed for Lifting and Rigging inspections, to manage the data for your equipment with the most efficient way. We have created a go to solution for everyone in the Lifting inspection industry according to LEEA and LOLER standards. A safety inspection software like beXel ensure the safety of your operation in a construction site. Lifting inspection has never been easier covering all your loose lifting gear & Cranes.

Asset Management Software

We offer an asset management software that helps you keep track of all your assets. The solution has many features from asset assignment and tracking across departments, linking assets to QR code, providing auditors and inspection companies with temp. access and much more.

NDT Inspection

bexel inspection software can do Non destructive testing (NDT) paperless digitally without the need of any papers. eXel NDT inspection software allow you to manage all Non destructive testing reports in a smart and digital way. Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Software from beXel cover all the NDT reporting structure according to ASNT or other non destructive testing society’s.

Tubular Inspection

One of the features in bexel is NDT which can be used to test or inspect the tubulars. The inspector will look at high-stress areas. he Digital OCTG Inspection software module from beXel allows inspectors to perform and track drill pipe, tool and OCTG (casing and tubing) inspections digitally and save the data to a secure cloud-based server.

Desktop App

The bexel desktop app allows to perform all inspection and issue certificates without the need of the internet. We understand that you might not always have access to a good internet connection when you’re doing your inspection job order . With beXel, you can conduct inspections and create actions via the beXel offline app even when your device is offline, allowing you to get the job done at any time and anywhere.

Looking to digitize your inspection process?