Desktop Offline App

Online or  offline — everything you need to create reports is in the palm of your hand.

beXel inspection software offer an offline app to do inspection in a remote area where their no  data coverage .

Inspection offline was never easy like today with beXel Just sync data then go to the client site.

Digital Inspection report offline app from beXel is trusted by many users in the gulf & African countries.

Desktop offline App beXel Inspection Software
Desktop offline App beXel Inspection Software

Why you need beXel offline app ?

We understand that you might not always have access to a good internet connection when you’re doing your inspection job order . With beXel, you can conduct inspections and create actions via the beXel offline app even when your device is offline, allowing you to get the job done at any time, anywhere.

beXel Digital Inspection report offline app allows you to carry out inspection in offshore or remote locations even without an Internet connection.

Using beXel  digital inspection reports offline is very easy just sync data of your client equipment’s  in a few second then visit  the client location and do the inspection report after coming back from the offshore client location where internet was weak sync data again when you are online  with stable internet connection and watch the smoothies of moving the information between beXel offline app and beXel cloud  (online) app.

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