Drops object survey software

Drops Object Module has all the pre-defined data set for drop downs and inspection prompts/checklists for the items and can be managed through the web control panel by Technical/QA team.

DROPS Inspection System by beXel allow you to inspect all objective that can drop in a rig that can drop and cause accidents. 

Drops inspection reports and the checklist in the reports are full digitalize smart and easy to use system.

Object Orientated Inspection System for drops objective from beXel allow you to ensure safety measures is taken in the working site aligned with drops inspection best practices .

DROPS Inspection System beXel Inspection Software
DROPS Inspection System beXel Inspection Software

WHY drops objective survey happen on a rig ?

A fallen object is an object that can fall from its rest position under its own weight. Falling objects pose significant safety and operational challenges, especially for owners or operators of onshore and offshore oil rigs. Let us help you check your safety using the beXel Drops Objective system. This helps prevent inappropriate injuries that can lead to a lawsuits and damage to equipment and the environment.

After identify the issue with object that can drop in a rig you can take corrective action which will increase the safety on an offshore or onshore rig site.  

DROPS Inspection System beXel Inspection Software

Inspectors can select those pre-define data set from the drop downs to carry on the drops survey inspection and If there is any inspection prompt FAIL they can create CORRECTIVE ACTIONS straight away to make the inspection process consistent. Our system are more users friendly for the Inspection Companies, field inspectors and clients. Clients can get reports in different formats and can do their checklist on Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Six monthly or Yearly basis.

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