What is dropped object survey? Is it really important for your business?

What is dropped object survey? Is it really important for your business?

Dropped object survey consider one of the essential inspections in the industry.
The importance of the drops inspection could be found with extended usage in the oil, gas, and us, where without good safety, numerous injuries and fatalities will be happening.
In the inspection process, we apply performing inspections & prevention management, to achieve a high safety maintenance plan.  
A proper safety inspection carried out by an experienced rope access team can identify potential dropped object scenarios and can help avert equipment & structure damage or even fatalities.

“East Asia is estimated to be a high growth market for inspection management software through 2028, driven by the proliferation of automation in business processes.” According to factmr website.

beXel has developed and successfully implemented Drops object survey on many land and offshore drilling units.
Drops Object Module has all the pre-defined data set for drop downs and inspection prompts/checklists for the items and can be managed through the web control panel by the technical/QA team.

Dropped object survey is an innovative module from beXel, it is used widely in the industry focused on preventing dropped objects.
it is represented by a large number of clients, individual contractors and is used to provide services to different companies in the industrial bodies.

In beXel, we don’t have one inspection module only but, we launched a variety of modules to facilitate the inspection process and provide smart solutions for the customers such as:
(Drops Inspection, Job order management, Lifting Inspection, NDT inspection, Tubular Inspection, Desktop Offline App).

In general, Inspections are important as they allow you to:
Listen to the concerns of workers and supervisors and ensure their safety, gain further understanding of jobs and tasks, identify existing and potential hazards, gathering customer feedback.

What is dropped object survey? Is it really important for your business? beXel Inspection Software

What is the main process of the dropped object survey?

In this type of inspection, we depend on the survey, so we cooperate with high qualification inspection technicians to do the drops inspection and survey using different types of safety tools such as catwalks, ladders, Derricks, masts.
In beXel, we provide our client with all the required data to enable him to do a complete maintenance plan, moreover providing all the photos for the survey and a report containing our recommendation and the main requirements.
This will increase the safety factor in the work area and decrease the expected damage or injured persons from other possible incidents, at the same time we ensure alignment with international standards.

Because beXel has flexibility in dealing with different cases, we could provide tailored checklists and manuals focused on preventing accidents resulting from dropped objects, while ensuring alignment with industry best practices and legislative requirements.

Dropped object surveys need to be conducted regularly because it has a fixed strong relation with the maintenance plan.
The main goal of the drops inspection is to reduce or eliminate incidents that put both personnel and equipment in harm’s way as early as possible.
Because our client is our partner in the success of the drops inspection, it is linked to the capability of the inspection team and the cooperation of all beXel teams.
The inspector technicians have to be selected carefully because they are responsible for carrying out routine inspections and monitoring the internal implementation of dropped object management systems.

What is dropped object survey? Is it really important for your business? beXel Inspection Software

But what are the reasons for the dropped object survey?

  • Items loosened by vibration or extended use
  • Weather damaged items
  • Tar deposits on drilling derricks
  • Loose items/tools that have been left at height after construction work
  • Inadequate securing
  • Corroded fixtures and fittings or lack of secondary retention.

In beXel Dropped object survey, Inspectors can select those pre-defined data set from the drop downs to carry on the drops survey inspection and if there is any inspection prompt FAIL they can create CORRECTIVE ACTIONS straight away to make the inspection process consistent.
Our system is more users friendly for inspection Companies, field inspectors, and clients.
Clients can get reports in different formats and can do their checklist on a Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Six-monthly, or Yearly basis.

The engineering & industrial inspection experts at Industrial Access recommend that key structures are regularly inspected, either annually or pre-operations and post-construction.
beXel has a long experience in dropped object survey, we can perform thorough dropped object survey and provide removal of loose items, complete an inventory of equipment within the structure, and assess the integrity of fittings and secondary retention parts.

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