EGYPS 2024

EGYPS 2024: An Overview:

In the dynamic realm of energy, staying at the forefront of innovation and technological advancements is crucial for sustainable development. The Egypt Petroleum Show (EGYPS) stands as a testament to Egypt’s commitment to fostering growth in its energy sector. As we delve into the latest edition of EGYPS, hosted at the Egypt International Exhibition Center , let’s explore the key highlights and the wealth of information available on the event’s .The Egypt Petroleum Show, or EGYPS, has evolved into a premier platform for industry leaders, experts, and enthusiasts to converge, exchange ideas, and showcase groundbreaking technologies. EGYPS 2024, held from19 – 21 February 2024, promises to be a melting pot of innovation, collaboration, and strategic discussions aimed at propelling Egypt’s energy landscape into the future.

Exhibitors and Sponsors:

EGYPS 2024 boasts a diverse array of exhibitors and sponsors such as ADNOC, APACHE KHALDA CORPORATION LDC and BP. Each contributing to the event’s success. The EGYPS website provides detailed profiles of participating companies, allowing visitors to explore their innovations, services, and contributions to the energy sector.

Technical Sessions and Workshops:

A highlight of EGYPS is its focus on knowledge exchange. The website features information about technical sessions, workshops, and training programs, providing a glimpse into the wealth of expertise available. Participants can gain valuable insights into emerging technologies, best practices, and industry trends.

Innovation Hub:

EGYPS serves as a hub for innovation, and the website dedicates a section to showcase groundbreaking technologies and solutions. Visitors can explore the latest advancements that promise to reshape the energy landscape and you can register to attend the event from this link. 


EGYPS 2024 is not just an event; it’s a catalyst for change in Egypt’s energy sector., acts as a gateway for participants to immerse themselves in a world of opportunities, insights, and collaboration. As we navigate through the transformative landscape of EGYPS, we anticipate witnessing the seeds of progress planted during this event blossoming into a sustainable and vibrant energy future for Egypt and beyond.

beXel Inspection software Team will be visiting the Egyps 2024 conference and there is a great opportunity to meet us and discuss the future of digitalization in the oil & gas industry . 

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