Revenue & Growth

Increase your revenue & growth by overseeing your every day operation and jobs done by your team allowing more productivity.

Revenue & Growth beXel Inspection Software

5 reasons why beXel will increase your revenue & growth...

  1. beXel will help you oversee your day to day operation and job orders done by your inspectors creating more productivity that will result in more steadiness and growth.

  2. beXel will eliminate the time lost coordinating between coordinators, inspectors, supervisors and end clients while auditing and approving issued certificate or delivering it to different endusers, with beXel everything is integrated together as an end to end solution.

  3. Allowing you to monitor the job order status with its progress whether its pending, completed or approved that would help you organize your work which will result in better utilization for your company resources.

  4. No more wasting time doing excel reports for anything related to your customers assets (equipments) or your team performance, using our ready made export features helps you save your time while focusing more in your business growth.

  5. Increased revenue as the inspection teams can attend more inspection activities