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Meet Us - ADIPEC2021

With Industry 4.0, Digitalization is an important part to the future growth to improve efficiency of the oil, gas and energy sectors.

Meet Us – ADIPEC2021 and enjoy free  consultation from beXel CEO Ayman , join beXel  to guarantee a seat in the future of the inspection Market.

Meet with beXel at ADIPC 2021 from 15-18 November, 2021 at Abu Dhabi, UAE  to know more about the advanced technology for inspection process. 

beXel is a testing and inspection cloud-based software that helps companies digitize their entire end to end testing and inspection process, go paperless, practicing social distancing, and save inspection team time by completing tasks much faster. What makes beXel unique is that it’s dynamic and industry compatible; simply put, if you generate many certificates and checklists on a daily basis, beXel is your good to go solution. 

beXel supports various clients in different types of Inspections such as Drops inspection, NDT inspection, Tubular inspection and Lifting inspection.

Why is the inspection software Essential for your business?

  • Corporations increase productivity.
  • Increase the daily inspection process speed.
  • Track Certificates and work order progress.
  • Reduce the high cost of human labor.
  • Eliminate documents and stickers ID falsification.
  • Instance access to inspection and preservation history.
  • Traceable info with controlled access.
  • Effective way to grow your business.
  • Inspector’s Reports, KPIs Performance and Rating.
  • Meet customer needs through data management system that will ensure that you have all the necessary information to produce when demanded by authorities.

Ayman Abou Regeila

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