How beXel provides guaranteed  solutions

How beXel provides guaranteed solutions?

Covid-19 pandemic has changed the process of work in each organization and company all over the world, the lockdown in most the countries and the wave of fears spreading in the whole world, enforced many companies to change their traditional system to automation system.
COVID-19 has drastically accelerated the need to innovate and digitize paper-based and in-person processes.
No way from digital transformation, how to digitize your workplace, become the main goal for the entrepreneurs.

“ The digital technologies will concern approximately 40% to 60% of the current TIC market ”.

But why a business should use TIC market analysis?

Because it is acting as smart sensors for your business, provide to with analysis for big data.
Moreover, you could connect devices together to collect consumer data at their disposal to provide testing and inspection services.
In addition, a smart analysis system could analyze data from different fields such as climate change and the area of desert or agriculture zones.
Besides, it doesn’t depend on analytical numbers only but also uses statistics by photos with high resolution or virtual system.

Using the traditional system of paperwork at your workplace, produce low work efficiency, gives negative productivity, with the possibility of risks, waste paper in printing and also the time in fixing machines used such as printers, fax machines, and so on.
To show the importance of using the TIC market, with this comparison you will discover the main differences as following:

How beXel provides guaranteed  solutions beXel Inspection Software

Why going digital is important for the TIC and everyone else ?

  • Digital TIC Companies:
    Traditional TIC players are getting more and more competition from startups and incumbent TIC companies with a digital focus.
    You can get reports on the same day or schedule a meeting.
  • Non-TIC Players:
    These companies pose a serious disruptive threat in areas such as predictive maintenance, supply chain integrity, data capture and analytics, data-driven services, and cybersecurity. There are three types of non-TIC players:1. Original Equipment Manufacturers:
    This very broad category includes companies as diverse as elevator, car, and dishwasher producers.
    They have always been keen to grab a piece of the TIC services pie.
    ThyssenKrupp Elevator, for example, uses local technicians to conduct inspections and send the data to experts for real-time analysis and support.
    The company also does its predictive maintenance.
  • 2. Large Consultancy and Accountancy Firms:Players like Deloitte, Ernst & Young, PwC, and Accenture have a reputation for third-party independent judgment and have advanced digital capabilities.
    They are using these capabilities to get into the TIC of cybersecurity and software products:
    possibly they will go into other areas as well.
  • 3. Tech Giants:
    Google and other tech companies have a considerable competitive edge in digital.

Because they have access to enormous amounts of data, which they could at some point use for TIC-related services.
They are also developing AR products, which means that traditional players need to factor in the possibility that they will be dependent on them.

55% of workers said they regularly spend time on administrative tasks that consume at least a full day of their workweekaccording to the state of work flow automation report.

beXel is a pioneer company in the field, wherein 2016, beXel helps inspection companies go paperless and complete tasks ten times faster.
The startup’s platform automates the entire operational business of its customers

Does paperwork have a bad impact on your workday?

How beXel provides guaranteed  solutions beXel Inspection Software

Paperwork consumes both workflows time and money, however many organizations Many organizations and industries still struggle with eliminating paper.
With beXel, you can save your time and efforts and get the optimum results, but you have to put efficiency as a top priority for your digital transformation.
Here some main tips to achieve that:

1- Determine the goal of digital transformation through paperless:

beXel could help companies and organizations through cloud-based inspection software.
beXel helps quality control engineers manage and streamline quality control and inspection processes across a plethora of sectors such as construction, oil and gas, and hospitability.
So if you are an entrepreneur, struggles to keep your business sustainable, so it is the right time to replace your traditional paperwork with an automated business.
Save time, resources, budget to prove the ROI of a paperless system.

Some advantages of paperless for your business:

  • A friend to clean environment. Which decreases the pollution in air and water.
  • Save time, effort, health.
  • Help in digitizing the inspection processes using the most advanced technologies to reduce errors resulting from human interaction.

2- Identify the main paperwork problems to solve them:

How beXel provides guaranteed  solutions beXel Inspection Software

You have to understand the problem and seek to solve it.
beXel could provide smart solutions for your automation system, why bexel?
Because beXel has won 2nd place for the start-up’s award among 12 startups across the world category at the 2018 Research & Development Petroleum Conference and Exhibition (RDPETRO), the world’s largest gathering focused on research and technology development for the oil and gas industry.
RDPETRO awards the most innovative projects and ideas with development funding to help solve key industry challenges.
In addition, beXel is an automated cloud-based Lifting Solution which covers the full inspection life- cycle.
Use the process of eliminating the paper problems, make an audit to it, record all the tasks still use the traditional paperwork system to change it.
Collaborate with the employees in different dept.  to understand the problems and know their solutions.

3- Design your plan, implement it:

Communicate with your team, make your plan clear and transparent, encourage your employees to know it well, the good impact of using the new technology in digital transformation.
Tell them about the timeline of transformation, give them plenty of time to change.

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