7 Egyptian Startups To Put In Your Radar 2020

7 Egyptian Startups To Put In Your Radar 2020

Egypt’s tech scene is on a roll, with more and more startups constantly punching above their weight and catching the attention of customers and investors alike.

Over its Spring term, startups graduating from AUC Venture Lab, Flat6Labs, and MINT by EGBank have been working on building the capacity for innovation in various fields such as oil and gas, insurance, art, and medical tourism, fintech, sustainable energy, and many others.

As is our annual habit, Business forward brings you a list of the seven startups to keep on your radar for 2020:

AXON (Flat6labs)

The subscription-based Axon lays a foundation for full medical coverage by providing individuals and organizations.

With medical and wellness services at a discounted rate of up to 80%.

beXel (Flat6Labs)

Through cloud-based inspection software, beXel helps quality control engineers manage and streamline quality control and inspection processes across a plethora of sectors such as construction, oil and gas, and hospitability.

Dizaria (AUC V-Lab)

Promoting a seamless transition to electric mobility lies at the heart of Dizaria Energy’s vision. The platform makes it easy for electric vehicle owners to use solar power energy through its wide network of charging stations supplied with electricity produced by solar energy. Through its online platform, Dizaria allows customers to find the nearest station and complete the payment online.

Nojoud (AUC V-Lab)

Nojoud is giving a lifeline for the faltering industry of handicrafts; helping Egyptian craftsmen to keep up with the changing demands and remain updated on the latest trends in the design scene.

In additional to connects craftsmen with customers (online and offline) to sell their products.

Amanleek (AUC V-Lab – Fintech Cycle)

Amanleek is an end-to-end platform that uses digital technology to offer insurance seekers the products that suit their specific needs.

MerQ (AUC V-Lab – Fintech Cycle)

MerQ is an AI-powered chat box that specializes in providing customers with fast and accurate information about financial service products.

Allowing them to remain updated on the forthcoming offerings and maximize their investments.

AT Instruments (MINT by EGBank)

At Instruments utilizes deep learning for cybersecurity; it aims at securing smart and autonomous vehicles from malware attacks.


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