A guaranteed guide to select the best inspection software company

What is inspection software?

We could define it as the inspection software that allows users to digitalize all or part of their inspection process.
In general, there are some functions that the inspection software could process such as managing schedules, conducting timely inspections, creating checklists, and storing and tracking documents.
In beXel, we provide different types of inspection software such as Drops inspection,
lifting inspection, NDT inspection, Tubular inspection that could help to save time, manage compliance, and reduce human effort by automating inspection-related tasks.

Why is the inspection software Essential for your business?

There are multiple benefits of inspection software such as:

A guaranteed guide to select the best inspection software company beXel Inspection Software

1- Increase the daily inspection process speed:
To know if you find the best inspection software, or not, by testing if it could bring down your daily workload significantly.
beXel places this among its priorities and takes into account the interests of the customer, to reduce the time needed to do all tasks and at the same time speed up results.

2- Meet customer needs:
beXel could modify inspection software to be suitable to different types of industry, even if you have specific regulations such as workplace, environment, or product safety.
beXel could provide inspection software to help build workflows for necessary inspections and schedule tasks.
Moreover, the beXel data management system will ensure that you have all the necessary information to produce when demanded by authorities. 

During your searching for the right inspection software, choosing the most appropriate equipment is the dominant consideration, however, you might be very confused because you need to select the best one based on your company budget hence you often don’t know where to start from, what keywords to use, what minimum knowledge you need to have for wise comparison, what requirements they should have, etc.
For that reason, beXel designed this article to let you make the best possible judgment about inspection software.

Here are some questions that will support your selection process:

A guaranteed guide to select the best inspection software company beXel Inspection Software

1- Determine your company inspection problems?

To get a step forward in solving a current problem, you have to think about the reasons, it is better to make a list of the problems that your company suffers from, think about the appropriate solutions. 
This is essential in selecting the best inspection software company which will support you with the solutions to optimize functionalities depending on existing issues. 

“East Asia is estimated to be a high growth market for inspection management software through 2028, driven by the proliferation of automation in business processes.” According to factmr website.

2- Is the software suitable and meets the requirements of your industry?

In the last twenty years, the technology is exceeding the production of the industries, hence designers of inspection software seek to innovate new ideas in different fields of manufacturing.
beXel also does the same, where we have multiple inspection software such as
drop inspection that has all the pre-defined data set for drop downs and inspection prompts/checklists for the items and can be managed through the web control panel by the Technical/QA team.
beXel has a professional team that could provide modification for the inspection software or any other help daily.

3- Determine the key points of the inspection management:

There are some main questions you have to ask during the inspection management process, first of all, ask the inspector about the daily tasks he used to do, the major problems he face, the suggestion for solutions.
Here are some famous questions about the needs:

  • The kind of data do you need during the inspection process?
  • The method that will be used to collect the data?
  • Are these data related to special dept?
  • What is the process taking based on the collected data?
  • Are you need the software to be run on PC only or both PC and mobile applications? 

The answers to these questions will help to make a spot on the current problems and know how inspection software could solve them.
In other cases, the company may already have inspection software but it contains some error or is slow, so this company needs to make an upgrade or modifications to the system.

4- The duration of inspection software to achieve effective results:

The answer depends on the size of your business, where the inspection process is not easy, so if you manage a small business, it will need just one solution to enhance the current process.
So it is important when searching for a good inspection software company to see the total package suitable for your business.
So, if you contact us, beXel provides consultation for different types of
inspection modules.

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