Digital transformation is the new norm from 2022 to 2030

Digital transformation is the new norm from 2022 to 2030

Digital transformation is always a plan for any business around the globe. However, after Covid 19 hit the world it moved the business closer and closer. Hence one of the pillars of digital transformation is digitizing daily operations for any B2B and B2C business. And now digital transformation is the new norm in our global market.

Digitizing operation is a fundamental pillar of digital transformation in the sense that. And without it, your company will be left behind by more efficient operators. So a company may begin its digital transformation journey by digitizing processes and as it matures, re-architect processes entirely.

However as a company re-architects its processes, they also start to unlock more transformational possibilities. We need to understand today that digital transformation takes time to be applied to every sector in one organization.

Plus, when you start early in the process of digital transformation it will be better. Since you started earlier everyone else in your business sector takes a step earlier than you. Both elements will affect your market share in the future.

How to start the digital transformation Process?

Most companies start their digital transformation by IT uplift and digitizing operations. Furthermore, the main four Pillar of digital transformation is IT uplift. Also while digitizing the operations you will need to do it in a modern digital way. Also when doing the digital marketing activities, and new ventures.

Which pillar is the right starting point for your company depends on your context, and needs, but also depends on the level of your digital maturity?

What industries are going digital

If you are in the Testing industry, you will clearly see the impact of digitization. Also, if you operate in the inspection, and certification industry. beXel will help you in the IT uplift and digitizing operation of your daily work orders for inspection. Manage your digital relationship with your client throws the client portal.

beXel Give your clients access to their equipment and certificates, no need to deliver hard copies, the customers will print any certificate & can export many reports as they need about their equipment and notification for the upcoming inspection.

Clients can see each inspection time and date for the next inspection & can see the history of any equipment inspection certificate and rate the inspector to check your quality of work and identify any issue with the client early.

Digital transformation is the new norm from 2022 to 2030 beXel Inspection Software

10 beXel benefits that seal the deal for any inspection tender

We at beXel understand how competitive the inspection industry is. And according to the Global Testing  Inspection and Certification market was valued at USD 200.16 billion in 2020. And it’s anticipated to reach USD 286.2 billion by 2026.

  • Streamline your inspection process, and focus on revenue and growth
  • Cut down report generating time by 80%
  • Eliminate paperwork and save the environment. And that will happen when you go digital and print less.
  • Eliminate documents using the QR code, that will ensure there are no more fake reports
  • Reduce your operational costs through printing material and resources. And focus only on generating reports.
  • Eliminate redundant work by having a clear, nice workflow. And make sure that everyone understands the process.
  • Reliable software, an accurate process.  and secured data.
  • And you will have instance access to inspection and preservation of history
  • Traceable info with controlled access
  • Inspector’s Reports, KPIs Performance, and Rating

How beXel digital transformation will benefit you in the short and long run?

1- Short-run:

You can move all the old inspections and certificates done from excel sheets or paper-based inspections to be stored on a cloud-based. Because of that, you will have instant access to all of your old documents.  And can print them any time you wish and get back to the documents 24/7 and customize the form built specifically to your standard.

Since you capitalize on your team’s performance. As the inspectors will do more work in less time. And start focusing on building long-lasting relationships with your current and future clients. Also, cut the lost time between reviewing a job order and issuing a certificate.

2- Long-run:

Put your company at the first and the most important step in the process of digital transformation which is digitizing your operation and IT Uplift. Since you digitize, you will save up to 30% of your wasted resource. And that waste includes the operation. Therefore, you will take a bigger chunk of the TIC market. And will be able to see the change in the performance of your team of inspectors in the first year. Sit down and watch the increase in your revenue. Furthermore, you will see an increase in the first six months by more than 70%.

“Go Digital or Go Dark”

Summary :

  • The main Pillar of digital transformation is IT uplift and operation
  • How to Join the digital transformation
  • Top features from beXel inspection management software
  • beXel benefit for digital transformation
  • Digital transformation is the new norm

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