Six reasons why beXel provides a cost-efficient solution?

Six reasons why beXel provides a cost-efficient solution?

It’s always better for any business to reduce unnecessary costs, as long as good quality and accuracy are ensured. And the inspection process is not far from that. In the inspection process of various types of equipment, a handful of measures come in handy to reduce costs throughout the whole inspection process. and we will demonstrate the 6 reasons why beXel solution?

beXel developed software that includes all of these measures. Providing you with a tool to ensure the safety of your equipment and the validity of the inspection process itself. 

Here are Six reasons why beXel is a cost-efficient inspection solution.

1 – Increased productivity by using automated solutions

Downtime is very costly and can result in not meeting deadlines or sticking to the work schedule. That interrupts projects and sends a bad image to your clients.

To avoid all that and be able to meet your deadlines and ensure a smooth workflow, you have to employ a regular inspection process to spot any faults sooner and conduct required maintenance. Regular maintenance boosts the performance of your equipment and enhances productivity.

2- Save assets

Heavy machinery can cost millions of dollars to replace. Therefore, inspection is not a luxury. It is less costly to repair your equipment regularly than to replace them. Apart from the cost of equipment failure that interrupts your projects, acquiring new equipment is much more expensive.

Through regular inspection of your equipment, you will be able to detect any failure and conduct required repairs before it is too late.

3- Safer workforce, smoother workflow with beXel solution

Less inspection leads to unsafe equipment and puts your workers in danger. Any injury can affect the productivity of your workers, or even put them out of service whether due to a severe injury or a decision to leave the job.

Meanwhile, recruitment is very costly. With the new hire, you will pay more and expect less productivity in the period of training of the new worker.

4- Digital inspection is more efficient

With beXel’s inspection software, you will save costs paid for printer, ink, and papers. Also, you will avoid allocating office space to all of that paperwork. With a load of paperwork, it would become very hard to track the process, or even validate the inspection process.

Automation speeds up the process and saves your time and money altogether. Let’s continue the 6 reasons why beXel solution?

5- Less human error

Human errors affect asset life cycles, such as design, transportation, commissioning, and operation. The inspection process is conducted by the machine, which reduces human interference to the minimum, providing more accurate data and saving time and resources. beXel helps you save all your work data from certificates to work orders on a secure cloud-based system.

That saves time and cost due to human error. beXel reduces the number of actions needed to achieve the desired results, which ultimately reduces the number of mistakes.

6- Ensure the validity of the inspection with beXel solution

Inspection is crucial to the safety of equipment and its durability. Therefore, the validity of the inspection process itself is very important. Hence we have various authentication methods, beXel helps you ensure the genuineness of all digital certificates.

beXel uses some tactics to stop certificate validation fraud. beXel generates dynamic QR codes, and these codes are connected to certificates. The equipment has stickers placed on them. Also, beXel provides electronic stamps, signatures, and an authentication approval cycle.

As maintained in the words of Ayman Abouregeila, co-founder and CEO of beXel Inspection for Software: “As the 1st cloud-based inspection management software in the MENA Region, we are proud to have built such a solution which is proven and used through worldwide clients. You can customize the entire application easily. It also addresses their entire operational cycle and covers their end-to-end challenges.”

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