What to look for in inspection software?

What to look for in inspection software?

The question of what to look for in inspection software is so critical to be posed and the answer will mean more operational and cost-efficiency.

Traditional inspection is still a physical possibility. Yet, I can assure you that, in our modern fast-paced world, it shouldn’t be an option anymore.

It is out-of-the-question to consider a pen-and-paper kind of inspection. Your only practical option is to opt for a digital inspection solution.

There are pioneers out there who made this option possible for us. Take beXel as a good example of a digital inspection solution.

But the question remains; why should I employ the services of beXel or another company?

To answer that you have to ask yourself first; what should you look for in an inspection software?

There are various features of a good inspection software, and whichever software has these features; is the solution for you.

So, What to look for in inspection software?

First, it should track the performance of your inspectors.

beXel tracks all your inspectors’ actions on the system and logs all users’ actions to make it easy for you to access a detailed record of these data, with the exact time of each action.

In that way, you will be in charge and control of every detail of the inspection process.

beXel’s unique software gives you a key to a live record of all inspection-related activities.

Second, you must have a way for your clients to validate the certification of your equipment.

In the realm of inspection, verification is crucial to safety and credibility. To make everything clear on the table, you must have easy access for your clients to make sure that the certification of your equipment is legitimate.

Through a smart QR validation process developed by beXel, you can direct your clients to a portal to verify certificates and even download a soft copy of them.

This genuine solution enables you to ensure the safety of all equipment in just a few steps.

Third, your clients should have access to equipment info.

These clients’ life will be much easier when they can track and extract relevant reports on equipment. With beXel’s novel software, such a task will be user-friendly and not daunting at all.

Fourth, a customizable job order management system is a necessity.

beXel offers a sophisticated system to manage inspection work. beXel solutions tailored to suit your needs, and. In a few clicks, you will create job orders and track their status, as well as track timesheet status. You can also export this data in an Excel or PDF format and print it.

Fifth, a good inspection software would allow you to conduct all your tasks offshore and in remote areas with a bad or zero internet connection.

Sometimes drilling operations are conducted in areas located out of the grid. That may compromise an online inspection process.

Therefore, you should find a solution that doesn’t depend exclusively on the internet.

beXel’s offline desktop app will help you carry out the whole inspection process to be uploaded online later.

Sixth, the inspection software should have a secure clouding space

All mega businesses are producing a gigantic amount of data, and that amount of data must be stored on secure cloud servers.

beXel saves your data on the cloud so you would never worry about having your servers and records for inspection data.

Seventh, integration is a key to success

A good online inspection solution should be integral. And that guaranty saving your resources and time.

From A to Z, beXel’s online inspection solution helps you keep track of all inspection activities starting from the inspection request to the digital certificate.

To keep track of all your inspectors’ actions on the system. beXel can log all users’ actions to facilitate the process for you to know what they did and when they did it.

By and large, if you are looking for an integrated online inspection solution that enables you to track the whole inspection process step by step while retaining the ability to verify certification and offer your clients a live record of your equipment, beXel is the perfect option for you.

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