A simple guide for oil and gas inspection

A simple effective guide for oil and gas inspection software

Oil and gas is an important industry, and this particular industry has a lot of important services that serve and assist the smooth running, and production of its operations and production. And there is a need for a simple guide for oil and gas inspection.

These processes go through some maintenance schedule to save each dollar, and it shows the need for a simple guide for oil and gas inspection, and you can see it clearly in Operation management in the oil and gas sector could control the safety of this industry, and ensure the sustainability of the business. Each company serving in the oil & gas industry is working on its process automation to save operational costs.

Digital technology provides fast and effective solutions that enhance the operation of oil and gas services.

beXel is one of the pioneer companies that provide you with a guide to digital inspection and support for oil and gas companies with innovative ideas such as inspection software.

Market changes and risks in oil & gas digital inspection

The prices of oil and gas in the market are unstable because it faces challenges that affect the industry.

Some modifications must be added to these industries such as improving efficiency, decreasing operation management costs, and minimizing risks. 

End-use enterprises prefer software pack for 100-499 users through 2028.” According to factmr

What is the inspection software?

In the oil and gas industry, there is an urgent necessity for inspection. It is common in inspection software to include software requirements specifications and test plans.

Many oil and gas companies gain support from service companies in as beXel. Providing support from its highly experienced team. With beXel you could find innovative ideas in oil and gas inspection software supporting inspection management, including planning, execution, recording, error tracking, and follow-up actions. 

In beXel, we provide different types of inspection software such as Drop’s inspection, lifting inspection, NDT inspection, and Tubular inspection that could help to save time, manage compliance, and reduce human effort by automating inspection-related tasks

Benefits of Oil and gas inspection software:

1-Ensure Equipment Running;

There is a specific operating system at each oilfield, that keeps all the equipment running without leakages or defects. Whatever the techniques you use in inspection, either ultrasonic or radiography, you have to update your inspection software to get accurate results. The main feature of any inspection software is the ability to automate each inspection and ensure a complete reporting that captures all the necessary information. 

2- Excellence in the operation;

You can run the automated inspection software at a specific time.  to get accurate data and mobile applications suites, oil and gas companies can get more revenue by precisely tracking assets, mobilizing the workforce, and improving safety.

3- Saving for the costs;

Digitizing the periodical inspection practices is very important, especially in oilfields, as it reduces the operational costs by automating the process of running the oilfield with high efficiency.

Inspection data are collected during maintenance and inspection and stored and updated on the database.

This requires enhancing the employee’s and worker’s capability to ensure what data is collected, and how? 

Here is a simple guide for oil and gas inspection

How to select your oil and gas inspection software?

1-Determine your industry goals;

Before choosing the inspection software and implementing inspection software for your running operations. you will need to review your company’s needs and your vision to expand your business. Also, your marketing strategy for the business, and your available budget. Then your deadline to start implementation. Furthermore, you will need to design your plan and follow up weekly to know the progress and the required actions. 

2- make training for all the team and end-users;

To ensure the success of your inspection software, you have to provide training for your team. And to do so, you need to start with performing testing.  And involve your end-users in the operations. so you introduce the new system to them. 


With beXel Inspection software, you can select from multiple tasks to perform, where there are many inspection packages. Furthermore, with beXel, you can record inspection results, perform follow-up actions, and inspect maintenance. The inspection software is very important for oil and gas operation management. Also, it allows you to work in a highly efficient way. And before starting your inspection software, you need to define your goals, educate your team, and train end-users.

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