A simple guaranteed guide to know the digitization of the inspection process

A simple guaranteed guide to knowing the digitization of the inspection process

What is the inspection process?

The definition of the inspection process usually has a strong relationship with the terms inspection quality and quality control. Where inspection contains some essential processes that could detect errors and analysis them and correct them too during some steps by providing effective solutions. But what is the inspection process and inspection digitization?

In industry, it is an important process to get the max. benefits during manufacturing.
Moreover, inspections do not eliminate the need for testing but can decrease the testing workload, inspections can be used to evaluate requirements and design before development to eliminate defects early, while testing cannot.

So, the inspection process is conducted by dividing an entire deliverable, such as the Requirements Definition, into manageable pieces.

“beXel can help in digitizing the inspection processes using the most advanced technologies to reduce error resulting from human interaction.”
According to AbouRegila (beXel CEO & Founder) said.

But why inspection process is important?

Some reasons could declare that as the following:

  • For designers and programmers, it provides them with instant feedback.
  • For productivity, it corrects defects early to prevent any unexpected costs during the manufacturing process.
  • prevents perpetuation of errors in subsequent iterations of the development process.
  • Gives a good opportunity for participants to understand system frames early.
  • improve the software development process early in the project.
  • Enhance the quality of the control.

beXel launched a Variety of modules to facilitate the inspection process and provide smart solutions for the customers such as:

A simple guaranteed guide to know the digitization of the inspection process beXel Inspection Software

Drops Inspection:

Drops Object Module has all the pre-defined data set for drop downs and inspection prompts/checklists for the items and can be managed through the web control panel by the Technical/QA team.
Inspectors can select those pre-defined data sets from the dropdowns to carry on the drops survey inspection and If there is any inspection prompt FAIL they can create CORRECTIVE ACTIONS straight away to make the inspection process consistent.
Our system is more users friendly for Inspection Companies, field inspectors, and clients. Clients can get reports in different formats and can do their checklist on a Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Six-monthly, or Yearly basis.

Job order management:

beXel provides you with proper Job management that’s tailored to your operations inspection cycle, it could do the following:

  • Creating a job order is divided into three parts.
  • Search, Filter, and Export job orders to different formats (PDF, Excel, CSV).
  • Keep track of your team utilization and plan the jobs efficiently using the beXel neat calendar view feature.

Lifting Inspection:

beXel is designed for Lifting and Rigging inspections. And to manage and grow your business. Also, manage all your lifting gear inspections using beXel.
Using LEEA Certificate (LOLER) keeps you updated with the required compliance following the standards.

Online Equipment Register:

This allows you to improve management and equipment tracking on a real-time basis.

Tailor-Made Certificates:

Design your certificate structure and layout by using our powerful report builder

NDT inspection:

Organize and control the complete NDT job workflow using this module. And it integrates with the job order management module which gives you the perfect workflow.

Tubular Inspection:

The OCTG module allows inspectors to perform and track drill pipes, and tools. Also, OCTG (casing and tubing) inspections digitally and save the data to a secure cloud-based server.

Desktop Offline App:

beXel offline desktop app allows you to carry out the inspection in offshore or remote locations even without an Internet connection. And this will give you full access to the activities you need to monitor.

The importance of The inspection process and inspection digitization.

A simple guaranteed guide to know the digitization of the inspection process beXel Inspection Software

1- Improve risk management:

To run your business well, you have to expect the risks and think about how to manage them.
Digitizing the inspection process will enable you to quickly and easily see correlations.
Already, you have records from the current system, or from government regulations, or even engineering specifications.
Hence you could minimize the risks. We can rely on inspection results in terms of risk management.
An automated and digital system of analysis is more accurate and efficient as compared to an analog and manual system.

2- Real-Time Analytics:

Real-time analytics means drawing a conclusion immediately after gathering the data. However, in the manual inspection forms, we were lacking in terms of real-time analytics as we have to spend some time analyzing the gathered data in order to make a conclusion. So, this could take days, weeks, and even months depending on the remoteness of the site.

Now, with the aid of digital inspection forms, and we have the ability to have data analysis in real-time. Also, you will be able to analyze the remote sites easily. then, we get clean, automated, and reliable results from digital forms. Therefore, Digital technology will make you forget the word “delay”.

3- Improve the inspection quality:

The quality inspection helps you to gather the right data from the right area. Since you are producing your digital inspection form. And this will ensure capturing all the data required. Also, by forcing certain fields to be mandatory, inspectors are unable to proceed. As well, you can add text, and photos to these fields.

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