How to conduct successful security for the inspection software?

How to conduct successful security for the inspection software?

The inspection process is important to improve the effectiveness of your equipment and enhance the quality of your work. First of all, let us know the definition of inspection security. beXel launched powerful industrial inspection software

What is the inspection security?

It is a close and critical examination or scrutiny, reveals the need for change, then changes must occur. It is used to maintain and improve the

security system in the work zone. Sometimes it is in the form of a checklist that focuses on the areas that need some attention by using security to test and measure the implemented security. Using the same checklist for a long time presents big harm to your work, while the circumstances of the work change from time to time, the inspection software has to be modified too based on the new requirements, to ensure safety regulation.

So, I think it is necessary to review bexel article as a guide to know how to select the best inspection software company.  

Types of security inspection:

  • Design; help identifies key engineering issues that have cascading impacts. it analyzes application architecture and design from a security perspective. This analysis will divide the risks into some types such as high and low risk, based on these types, the decisions will be made. This will help you to identify the master keys for the current solutions and get the required results. 
  • Code; related to the implementation process, it is an effective step to apply testing before the Deployment step, it helps to reduce the number of implementation errors in an application before it is deployed to a test team or to a customer. Moreover, it is an expensive step.
  • Deployment; catch runtime and configuration issues. it depends on both the underlying infrastructures on which the application is deployed and the application you use it. Reviewing your security deployment will support you to organize the required precautions. 

What is the process used for security inspection software?

For ideal inspection software of your work, beXel advises you not to neglect the current policies and regulations for your company. If you already have a security system with identified protocols, you just need to analyze it carefully before selecting the appropriate security inspection software. Your employees, even their managers, will contribute to enhancing your security inspection software.

What are the best advantage of the security inspection software from beXel?

1-beXel treats security very seriously:

When beXel hosts applications on Amazon AWS cloud services, one of the top leading cloud service providers around the world, a private cloud dedicated for each customer who signs up with us which is not considered as shared hosting.

2- beXel team could handle different applications security inspection

  • We have run various security testing and have a security team that is ensuring that beXel is in compliance with OWASP standards.
  • We also offer 256 (TLS) encryption “SSL certificate “which ensures that the session is encrypted between the user who is accessing beXel and the server itself, similar to any internet banking access.
  • We offer 2 steps authentication through email & Google Authentication to ensure that we have an extra layer of security to better protect our users & customers.
  • We implemented secured architecture which separates the database & the application layer in 2 different data centers and different clouds.

3-Easy data recovery: 

When the customer loses access to data or data records while using beXel cloud services, we ensure to have a proper disaster recovery approach by applying automated daily and weekly backups, in case of data loss, we will be able to restore you back to normal operations in less than 5 mins.

4-Flexibility in generating reports: 

beXel Inspection Software uses a unique technology that allows you to generate all your reports from a database record, which allows you to cut down on storage by 95%. In other meaning, you get to retain 100% of your reports and never worry about extra storage. Moreover, we do offer unlimited storage for all generated reports which means that you won’t have to pay for extra storage as long as you are generating certification reports from beXel software.

5-Simple way to export or backup reports from beXel:

beXel has a unique architecture dealing with all data inside the reports which are auto-generated directly from the database, there is no direct way of downloading all your records, but all the generated reports are printed in PDF format, and you can simply download them and maintain your local archive in case you want to access the data offline.

Now, how  does the customer control the security of the inspection software?

The effective inspection software facilitates the inspection process and reduces hazards as follows;

1-preparation:  you have to determine what to inspect? and when? and how? 

2- training:  it is not difficult but like with any other new system, it needs training. 

3-Inspection: Inspecting requires attention to detail to reduce any hazards or harm. 

4-Documentation: any defects or hazards will be documented in the results of the inspection. 

5-Close the loop: Once an inspection is complete and any potential hazards are identified, it’s crucial to close the loop by ensuring actions are taken to address any issues. 


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