5 tips for smarter inspection

5 tips for smarter inspection

By Noha Abdel-Tawab

According to multiple resources, the oil and gas industry has been deeply affected by COVID-19 since 2020. Qualified professionals have started to struggle due to the inconstant dynamics of travel restrictions and regulations. another factor is the lockdown and stay-at-home announcements. This led to thinking of better ways for smarter inspection.

Consequently, manpower has been reduced, which affected the quality and productivity of projects across the globe. High-level risks that are associated with the extraction, storage, and transportation of oil and gas have exceedingly risen, besides the continuous geographical and ecological threats.

Thus improving the inspection operational excellence has no longer become an option. The regulations and procedures of every company are numerous and they keep rapidly changing. Experts need to deal with the complex nature of the oil and gas industry and its projects.

Dealing with that complexity while maintaining a level of quality that meets global standards. The vast quantity of products and systems must be tested while providing a considerable inspection solution for them to manage.

Let’s dig deeper into our 5 tips for smarter inspection.

Here are some of the best practices that can help the team leverage digital transformation to do their job in a more proficient manner.

1- Implementing more self-inspection strategies:

An inspector needs to understand the quality control requirements properly, interpret them correctly, and inspect the criteria visually in order for the process to succeed. Being able to read and write accurate reports is crucial, thus monitoring the quality management system from anywhere in the world can help him/her develop a better understanding and avoid any occurring bottlenecks. Therefore, the availability of today’s digital solutions can enable them to oversee the entire cycle without missing all the action.

2- Supporting automation activities that work:

Streamlining the quality control process can help inspectors read all the instructions, whether sampling procedures, reading blueprints, or any type of specifications. Factors such as skills and capability, material, human judgment, environment, sample size, equipment, and method can influence final results. That’s why encouraging the team to use a SaaS solution that helps them automate these transactions will increase the level of transparency and give room for continuous improvement. This is a very important tip of the 5 tips for smarter inspection, for its impact.

3- Preserving a high level of quality:

This factor plays a pivotal role for companies to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty. Inspection is a function of quality discipline. This procedure is an evaluation and examination activity that requires accuracy and high attention to detail. For this reason, and many more, operating with new technologies will support the team to maintain global standards and measure the key performance indicators more effectively.

5 tips for smarter inspection beXel Inspection Software

4- Preventing all compliance risks for smarter inspection:

To meet the standards of any global organization, inspection experts are required to study and partner with industry leaders to improve their level of education and maintain their reputation among customers, investors, and governments. Having to browse through different channels will affect their productivity, as well. The quicker they get access to information, the better decisions they will make. Centralizing the source of data on one platform will facilitate a faster and better understanding of the procedures. It will allow the team to avoid any upcoming challenges or dangers.

5- Driving and tracking the entire process towards success:

Acknowledged inspection programs require capable equipment and adequate training. Powerful equipment and advanced software reduce inspection times. Companies can expect more efficient processes and steady profits if they maintain the level of accuracy and delivery. By receiving regular notifications and having immediate access to resources, inspectors will have an accurate journey to access and comprehend. Not to mention that reading tangible analytics and results will ensure a flawless quality management procedure.

The Bottomline for smarter inspection…

Maintaining the top quality safety and environmental standards across all aspects of the oil and gas industry is now present and achievable. The future of quality management has welcomed new technologies to the field. Here’s where beXel’s inspection SaaS solution jumps in. Businesses will be able to reduce operational costs and increase the efficiency and productivity of their team while ensuring their scalability across various countries. These were our 5 tips for smarter inspection we think are important to take care of.

beXel is a cloud-based inspection management software that provides services for multiple industries, such as Energy, Oil and Gas, and Construction. They help service providers to go paperless and digitally transform their end-to-end quality control process.

While reducing the inspection time of businesses to more than 60%, beXel has widely introduced its solution to 14 global countries. They recently received an acknowledgment from Saudi Aramco in Saudi Arabia and have been partners with international industry players, e.g. TUV Rheinland, TUV SUD, and Applus Velosi.

Contact our experts to request a demo. They will walk you through the platform and answer all your questions. In the meantime, watch this video for some relatable use cases that will help you understand how beXel works.

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